Ode to Friday

In shadows deep, where legends reside,
A creature stirs, with footprints wide.
Amidst the pines, where secrets dwell,
Bigfoot emerges, with stories to tell.

In the heart of the woods, where darkness looms,
Bigfoot finds solace, where silence consumes.
But there’s a day that brings joy untold,
When Friday arrives, a tale unfolds.

With every step, the forest he roams,
Through mossy paths and ancient stones.
His eyes gleam bright, his heart takes flight,
For Friday brings forth a magical light.

The day of freedom, like no other,
Bigfoot embraces, as a long-lost brother.
His giant feet dance upon the ground,
As he revels in the bliss he’s found.

Through the wilderness, he swiftly strides,
With happiness, he no longer hides.
For Friday’s charm, a love affair,
Fills his heart with a joy so rare.

The air is alive, with whispers and glee,
As creatures gather, all eager to see.
Bigfoot, the legend, on this sacred day,
Becomes the hero of their woodland play.

He joins the animals, big and small,
In joyful revelry, they stand tall.
With laughter and cheer, they sing and shout,
Bigfoot’s presence, there’s no doubt.

The rivers echo, the mountains sway,
To the rhythm of Bigfoot’s Friday display.
His giant form, a gentle grace,
Captivating all in that sacred space.

As twilight descends, the stars align,
Bigfoot’s love for Friday, so divine.
In the depths of the woods, where dreams ignite,
He bids farewell until the next Friday night.

For in those hours, when joy takes hold,
Bigfoot’s heart sings, so brave and bold.
Friday, the day he truly adores,
A legend’s love, forevermore.