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Submitted by Bigfoot Central Visitors

Bigfoot’s Cell Phone Find

By Bigfoot Central | September 21, 2023

It was bound to happen…a cell phone dropped in the woods gets picked up by the big guy. In the heart of the dense forest, where trees whispered tales of the ancient, Bigfoot stumbled upon a peculiar object—a shiny, rectangular device emitting a soft glow. Curiosity piqued, our elusive friend examined the mysterious artifact. It…

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Wood Knocker?

By Bigfoot Central | July 18, 2023

In a curious and lighthearted encounter, a bikini-clad adventurer sparked intrigue in the cryptid community when she submitted a picture of herself holding a wooden club, playfully questioning whether it might be an authentic Bigfoot wood knocker. The fascinating story begins with an unexpected twist as an adventurous spirit found herself in the midst of…

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Uniting the Enigmatic with the Ethical: Bigfoot Central’s Eco-Conscious NFT Drop on OpenSea!

By Bigfoot Central | July 17, 2023

NFT available on OpenSea here. Welcome, crypto enthusiasts and nature lovers, to the latest edition of Bigfoot Central! Today, we’re thrilled to share exciting news that bridges the realms of the mysterious and the eco-conscious. The much-anticipated Bigfoot Central NFT collection has arrived on OpenSea, and this time, it comes with a remarkable twist that…

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