Encounter in Northern Pennsylvania

June 12, 2009 | 9:30 PM

“One night our whole family decided to go camping. It was a hot summer in 2009 so we decided to go venture out to find a lake,but when we found one it smelled worse than a skunk.But the most terrifying part of this first encounter is that when my son turned around he saw a big dark hairy thing looking strait at us.We were terrified and when I looked it strait in the eye it yelled this deep roar and it was loud,and it took off. The second encounter was at 9:30 pm and all the grown ups decided to hava a drink outside. So when we sat down in the chairs that we bought we heard this big thud,and there was a rock right next to me and then another rock and then some.we decided to go back to the cars and head home but when we made it to the cars I turned around and I saw the thing that we saw earlier and it had these yellow glowing eyes that could stare right through your soul.I hurried back into the car and we all locked the doors and we called the police and said to investigate and they asked us to come back and show us what happened but we were to terrified to go back. My wife said that it must’ve been following us when it ran away so we hightailed out of there.We never talked about it until this day.”