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We invite visitors to share their experiences, encounters, and stories in order to create a greater understanding of where and when Bigfoot events happen. From the collection of this data, Bigfoot Central will bring us a little closer to understanding the great and mysterious creature that is BIGFOOT.



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Into the Unknown: A Terrifying Bigfoot Encounter in the Woods of Western Pennsylvania

By Bigfoot Central | July 11, 2023

The woods hold a certain allure, beckoning us to venture into their depths and uncover the mysteries hidden within. Yet, for a group of unsuspecting campers in western Pennsylvania, their adventure would take an unexpected turn into the realm of the unknown. Drawn to the beauty of the wilderness, they found themselves facing an eerie…

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When a Fly Fisherman Hooked More Than Just a Salmon in Alaska

By Bigfoot Central | July 11, 2023

Alaska, the untamed wilderness, is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and abundant wildlife. For avid anglers, it is a dream destination where fishing tales become legends. In the heart of this vast wilderness, a fly fisherman embarked on an extraordinary adventure that would forever alter his perception of the natural world. Little did he know…

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Bigfoot Central’s Exciting NFT Drop: A Crypto Art Fusion with a Cause

By Bigfoot Central | July 9, 2023

Bigfoot Central, the leading hub for all things Bigfoot, is causing a buzz in the crypto world with its highly anticipated NFT drop scheduled for July 17, 2023. Crypto enthusiasts and fans of the elusive creature can now sign up for email updates on Bigfootcentral.com to stay informed about this limited edition release. With only…

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